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Review: GripGrab Raptor Gloves

Wout Van Aert, Marianne Vos, Tom Pidcock… All multiple World Champions and all with something in common. The GripGrab Raptor gloves have been around for a few years now and have enjoyed plenty of success – we thought it would be good to see why so many athletes are opting for the Raptor Gloves in Cyclocross.

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GripGrab, based in the cold climate of Denmark, clearly know how to make a warm glove and this was immediately evident in near freezing temperatures endured during testing, but these are a race glove so although warmth is key for Cyclocross we were confident these could be worn in races all year round, so have focused more on the specific details of the design.

As you’d expect with Grip in the company name, the grip on our muddy handlebars was exceptional, thanks to rubber printing on the palm, fingers and thumb making sure your fingers don’t slip off the bars or levers which was summed up by the brands motto ‘Never lose your Grip’. Hidden from the outside, the InsideGrip™ technology features silicon grips located inside the glove which are claimed to improve friction between glove and palm, making the glove work like a second skin with an unprecedented grip. The fingertips incorporate the same approach and ensures grip to the brake levers and gear shifters.

We too were impressed with the breathability, with the slip-in cuff allowing easy removal at the end of a muddy race, whilst the breathable softshell back allowed air to reach our hands even during high intensity races, yet the windproof design preventing that horrible feeling of wind rushing through your hands.

With ourselves located in the U.K, the typical British Winter provided us with some ideal rainy test conditions. Although the glove is not fully waterproof, we were impressed by how dry our hands kept, and linking back to the impressive warmth avoided us suffering from any cold hands during testing.

Finally a few nice additional features such as the sweat wiper and no padding again show why the Raptor Glove is tailored to suit Cyclocross Racers. We were also a fan of the Touch Screen Compatibility – allowing us to get some photos whilst still keeping our hands warm and dry!


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GripGrab Raptor Cyclocross Glove Review
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Review – Suplest Edge/3 Pro Cyclocross Shoes

As the cross season beckons we take the chance to review our first Cyclocross specific product of the season – the Edge Pro 3 Shoes from Swiss Shoe Company Suplest.

Suplest pride themselves as the smallest premium cycling shoe brand on earth, yet strive to create the best performing shoes both through comfort and functionality…

The first thing to note was the price, €349 / £300 seems expensive for a pair of shoes, yet when compared to other high performance rivals the price seems on par for a ‘top of the range’ shoe and it is fair to say we felt we got what we paid for with the  Edge/3 Pro shoes from Suplest!

Delivery was fast, and with a range of worldwide dealers, as well as a web shop ( ) the shoes are available across the globe and the shoes came professionally packaged.

Also included in the box was a nice Suplest Shoe bag for transport, as well as a range of studs for when the conditions turn slippy.

A stud spanner was also included which is a nice touch, however we left our test pair studless once we saw the impressive underside of the shoe, providing incredible grip even in the muddiest of conditions.

Sizing is something always debated on when purchasing a new pair of shoes, and having previously used an EU44 with both Specialized and Sidi, the 44 had a perfect fit and thanks to the closure system from Boa, we were able to obtain a snug fit in both thin summer, and thick winter socks.

The Boa dials make sure your feet are locked firmly in the shoes, and the new pull up to quick release feature came in handy when muddy hands were unable to grip the dials – a common problem with many other shoes on the market.

Structurally the shoes were extremely strong, with a unique micro-fibre material providing plenty of protection from the elements, whilst flex for running, yet the power transfer felt excellent through our small SPD cleats. The shoes weight in at a mere 330g (EU42) significantly less than other competition.

Overall we have been extremely pleased with the Edge/3 Pro from Suplest, and when compared to our previous pairs of Sidi and Specialized S-Works shoes would consider these a more than worthy upgrade. Afterall Suplest only create Cycling Shoes and strive to do so at the highest level – we feel this has definitely been achieved with the Edge/3 Pro!


Sizes:  EU 39-47 including 42.5, 43.5, 44.5

Colours: Black/Red or White/Fluro

Compatibility: SPD, Look, Time and Crankbrothers

Price: €349

Buy now at:

Thanks for reading our very first review!

We hope to have many more products to test soon – feel free to contact us if you would like to see your product tested  😀